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Something of your own

Building a house can be stressful but the process of furnishing your home to match your tastes and your lifestyle is one of the most reward life experiences possible. Thank you Alb...

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Ready for summer visitors

Oh no, the in-laws are coming to stay again. Another summer of being judged and failing miserably. The difference this year is that I’m taking action to ensure there is nothing but...

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The long weekend

Labour weekend is never the relaxing holiday everyone tells me it should be. While most people go away, we see it as the weekend for wiping away the tell-tale signs of winter and p...

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Furnishing a new start

We made the decision a couple of months back when mum fell over for the third time. It was time that she moved in with us. It’s for her safety but also I’ll sleep a lot easier at n...

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Restart with a home makeover

The kids leaving the nest is a great time for a fresh start, to rediscover your personal style and to redecorate your home. The Albany Lifestyle Centre is the perfect place for ins...

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Bedroom bliss

Bedrooms should be a sanctuary of peace and calm - ours was everything but this. It was time to do something about it. Albany Lifestyle Centre has so many bed and bedroom options t...

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