Bedroom bliss

12 March 2019

Bedroom bliss

Bedrooms should be a sanctuary of peace and calm - ours was everything but this. It was time to do something about it. Albany Lifestyle Centre has so many bed and bedroom options that it didn’t take long to turn our bedroom into a relaxing retreat.

We built the house nearly three years ago and room by room we’ve been updating our old furniture to create the environment we want. With a living room, a dining room, a lounge and three kids bedrooms to sort out first, our bedroom was last on the list.

Over the summer holidays, I found myself wanting a break from the endless noise and the sea of kids and guests running around the house. I retreated to the bedroom with a good book only to find a place of frantic mismatch and drab, not a sanctuary of tranquillity and calm.

We drove down to Albany Lifestyle Centre. Looking around, I could see at least five different stores with beds and bedroom furniture. I was definitely spoilt for choice. We visited every store, looking at well over a hundred beds. Eventually we selected a stunning super-king Brooks bedframe and Astra mattress from Bedpost. The headboard is an amazing muted grey colour that will go beautifully with our dark grey carpets and taupe walls.

From The Bed Shop we purchased a set of Lincoln bedside tables. The dark-stained wood works well with headboard and other colours in the room. We added a full length mirror, a selection of Stag cushions and a Milford Moss Stitch throw. The textured knit of the throw will add a sense of warmth and comfort to the room.

There’s an amazing spot in the corner of the bedroom where the sun comes through the high windows in the afternoon. It’s the ideal place for a comfy recliner chair. One to read in, but equally one that I could drift off to sleep in. As soon as I saw the Snax chaise in Freedom Furniture I knew it was exactly what the space needed. It screams relax and lounging-about in comfort and the dark grey woven fabric will fit in nicely with the overall feel of the room.

During the week, while we waited for everything to be delivered, I was out buying a new duvet and a few other finishing touches for the room. On Saturday afternoon, it all came together; the colours and textures blending well to create a luxurious haven with a strong sense of serenity. I lay back on the chaise and admired my handiwork. As I felt the warm sun on me, all the chaos in the house faded into the background and I drifted off to a blissful sleep.

Having so many bed options all in one place - the Albany Lifestyle Centre – means I finally have the bedroom I’ve always wanted, with absolutely no stress.

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