Gifts, gadgets and everything electrical

30 July 2018

Gifts, gadgets and everything electrical

I’ve lived around here for a while but I still sometimes forget that the Albany Lifestyle Centre is there and just how good it is. It wasn’t the case this weekend as Albany’s best gift and gadget stores saved me a couple of times.

Sure I’m at Mitre 10 MEGA a lot. Like most weekends. My weekends are spent doing stuff around the house which inevitable means I need tools, hardware, gardens supplies and other bits and pieces. Mitre 10 is so well located on the main road, with heaps of parking, and that makes it ideal to grab whatever I need.

Saturday morning dawned perfect for getting outside. Today’s plan is to prune the trees and spray away the mould from the paths around the house. No time for a coffee, it’s straight off to Mitre 10. The staff help me out with good advice on the different sprays for the paths. There a lot to choose from so it was great having someone to talk through the options.

I settle on one and head down to the garden centre to find new pruning shares. There’s lots of the well-known brands to choose from. The staff are knowledgeable, helping me pick the one I need. Columbus Coffee next door smells fantastic so I manage to grab a long-black before heading home to kick off my weekend chores.

Early-afternoon and the paths are done and I’m on to pruning the trees. I hear yelling from the house. My two boys are shouting as if something serious has happened. I rush down to find that the lounge TV has blown. I settle the boys concerns about a TV-free weekend and get back to work. That’s until I realise that we have friends coming over tonight to watch the game.

I jump in the car and am up the top of the Albany Lifestyle Centre in ten minutes. I haven’t been here for a while and see there are lots of new stores. Fortunately 100% Albany Extreme Appliances is still where it’s always been. Though I’m annoyed the TV chose today to give up, I’m also pleased to be able to buy a fancy new one. But which one? It feels like there are over 100 to choose from. With some expert advice, I choose the 65”Panasonic UHD LED.

With running commentary from the boys, it takes me a couple of hours to put the new TV up, tune in all the channels and to master the many new features. Despite the result, we have a good night watching the game, with none of our guests wise about the afternoons TV dramas.

Early Sunday and I’m out finishing my tree pruning. My wife pops out to remind me we are going to her sister’s birthday lunch but we need to find her a present first. That reminds me of all the new stores I noticed yesterday. An hour later, we’re standing in The Design Store totally spoilt for choice. We narrow it down to a beautiful frame, some aromatherapy supplies, a stylish concrete planter, a set of wicker coasters and a cool New Zealand print. How do you choose when there’s just so much great stuff? We take the easy option and get her a gift voucher.

Two days and three visits to the Albany Lifestyle Centre and there’s still so much more we didn’t see. Of well, only five days until next weekend. No doubt we’ll need more gifts and gadgets and now we know exactly where to go.

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