Something of your own

20 February 2020

Something of your own

Building a house can be stressful but the process of furnishing your home to match your tastes and your lifestyle is one of the most reward life experiences possible. Thank you Albany Lifestyle Centre for making furnishing our dream home so fabulous and easy.

Rob and I had been looking for a new house for nearly a year. Though we’d put in a couple of half-hearted offers, the truth is we never really found that dream home. There was always something not right. I’ve never been one who does compromise well. One afternoon, on the way back from yet another open home we popped into a show home being advertised. I instantly loved the feel of it and when we talked with the salesperson about the things we could do to customise it, we were sold. The decision to build our own house, just the way we wanted it, was made that day nearly eighteen months ago.

Huge enthusiasm gave way to three months of searching for the right block of land. We wanted something big enough to offer that country lifestyle charm without all the dirty and sweaty effort associated with rural living. We found just the place on the ridge in Albany Heights, with endless views both north and south and only minutes away from restaurants, bars, cinemas and shops.

Another six months past before we had designs, engineering reports and Council approvals. Our new house was finally getting underway.

And while it started slowly, momentum gathered fast and we got very excited as the roof went on and then the walls closed in. We could now image the finished product and how we would live in it. It was at that point that I made the decision that I wanted all new furniture for the house. Rob wasn’t as convinced but I assured him that every new home needs new furniture to match. I know it sound very ‘desperate housewives of Auckland’ but I’ve worked hard being a great mother and wife – it was my time to finally get things my way.

Over a period of two months I made almost twice-weekly trips to Albany Lifestyle Centre. I visited each of their stores numerous times, finding new inspiration every time. Sometimes I even let Rob tag along, more for financial support than for his design tastes. Despite his protests, I know he enjoyed being on these outings with me.

We purchased fabulous beds and bedroom furniture from Bedpost Albany, BedsRus and The Bed Shop. Our stunning and high-quality furniture came from both freedom Furniture and Hunter Furniture. The comfy and stylish outdoor living and dining suites come from Danske Møbler. Our beautiful art work, lamps, rugs and soft furnishings were all from The Design Store and The Importer. And of course, the appliances all came from 100% Albany Extreme Appliances.

Up to this point it felt like the building process was happening to us. Our biggest engagement with it was agreeing to the cost overruns and paying the monthly builder’s bill. The process of furnishing the house got me much more connected with the build. It really felt like they were building a house while I was creating our home. And what a home it is – the one I’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve been in our home for a couple of months now and I love it. I look around and feel proud of the amazing job I’ve done in expressing who we are. Rob’s always telling his friends what an excellent interior designer I would make.

I think back on all those trips to the Albany Lifestyle Centre and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this without them. their brilliant stores, and the amazing range of home furnishing options, are the real hero here.

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