Spring home décor

26 September 2018

Spring home décor

We’re one of those families who take the idea of spring cleaning quite literally each year. The change of season inspires a weekend of cleaning and home decor in preparation for the fine months ahead. Freedom Furniture, The Design Store and The Bed Shop at Albany Lifestyle Centre all contribute to a fresh new outlook.

I confess we’ve been stalling this year but during our usual Friday night takeaways, my wife Sheryl just came out and said it, “Spring clean this weekend.” The kids and I looked at each other, searching for a good reason why not. But we knew that mum was right.

As always, we kick it off with a high level of enthusiasm. Sheryl and I start in the lounge, kitchen and living rooms, wiping surface after surface. As we work we discuss the possibilities for each room: new colours, new furniture and new layouts. We quickly agree that new things are needed.

The kids start in their rooms, mixing cleaning and playing in equal doses. Josh spends about an hour and then announces he’s finished. I head down to his room expecting to see a half-done job but find it looks and smells good. His room feels like a small boy’s, not the pre-teen he’s become. I tell him it’s time we got him a new bed and furniture.

Following a few more hours of cleaning, we pack everyone into the car and drive down to the Albany Lifestyle Centre. It’s great that everything we need is here in one place.

First stop, The Bed Shop to look at beds. There are so many options and Josh enjoys lying on every one of them. He decides on a King Single bed base and mattress and we turn to considering headboard options. He goes for style while I look for function. We agree on a nice natural finish that has matching side cabinets.

Meanwhile, the girls head to Freedom Furniture. Sheryl hasn’t moved far into the store but her basket is already full with eight hi-ball drinking glasses, a lime green vase and a herb and spice display rack. We continue wondering through the store picking up an interesting bowl for the living room and a pair of floral cushions for the lounge.

One last stop at The Design Store sees a new art print and wall decal for the lounge, a throw for my daughter’s bedroom and a freestanding lamp for the entrance. Josh likes the look of a set of stag bookends and I agree to buy them, hoping it will mean more reading. We head off home, arms full and exhausted but totally satisfied with our days work.

Sunday morning starts with cleaning bathrooms and laundry, leading to an afternoon of unpacking and decorating with our new purchases. By Sunday night the house feels fresh and new. It’s surprising how a little polish and a few new home décor pieces give your home, and your life, a fresh new feel. Thanks Albany Lifestyle Centre.

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