The outdoors centre

07 November 2018

The outdoors centre

With daylight savings and the ever improving weather it is really starting to feel like summer is on the way. A great time to get outdoors. Thanks to the Albany Lifestyle Centre I now have great outdoor furniture to make the most of our outdoor living area.

For our family, getting ready for summer always starts with cleaning the pool. A couple of weekends ago, I got out there to deal to the pool and immediately noticed that our outdoor furniture was looking a bit tired. To be fair, some of the furniture is now almost 10 years old. Outdoor furniture takes a hammering and I’m a firm believer in investing in good quality.

My wife and I set off on an outdoor furniture shopping adventure to the Albany Lifestyle Centre. You don’t get much better quality and variety than places like Danske Mobler, The Importer and Freedom Furniture.

We kicked the search off at The Importer. Beside the good quality, I love the unique look of their furniture. It’s definitely not the same old stuff you see in everyone’s back garden. I immediately spot the Seahaven Outdoor Suite. It’s exactly what we want. The strong sturdy rattan structure is complimented by comfortable and stylish seating. I sit back, close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in these by the pool. I’m already getting that relaxed summer feeling.

While I’m arranging for delivery, my wife heads over to Danske Mobler. I join her a few minutes later and find her fully stretched out on a Bahamas Sunlounger. Wow, that looks comfortable. We don’t currently have sunloungers but have always talked about getting some. The question is one or one each? Of course the kids might argue they need one each as well! We settle on two, agreeing to not worry about the kids’ likely protests.

We are in most need of an outdoor dining suite and after walking around all the furniture stores we find the perfect set in Freedom Furniture. The Adelphi 9-piece is made of aluminum, making it really hardwearing. The teak top gives it a stylish warm feel and this is further reinforced by the black frame and slats. The eight seats are ideal for the many friends and family we enjoy sharing a meal with by the pool.

During the week all the new furniture arrives and we had an enjoyable day on Saturday setting it up. At one stage, I popped back down to Freedom Furniture to buy a sun umbrella, completing the new arrangement.

There’s something immensely satisfying about new outdoor furniture and thanks to Albany Lifestyle I’m delighted with what we’ve purchased. Our outdoor area looks amazing and I feel ready for a long hot summer by the pool.


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