What you need to stay home

28 April 2020

What you need to stay home

While at the beginning I struggled with this staying home thing, I’ve got used to it and I’m starting to embrace the opportunities it offers. After all, we haven’t got much choice – it’s the right thing to do to keep our community safe from COVID-19. The irony is that now that I have the time to do all those jobs around the house, I just can’t get the things I need to do them.

Under normal conditions I’d just pop down to Mitre 10 MEGA at the Albany Lifestyle Centre but of course, under Alert Level 4, they – like everyone else - have been closed. That all changes this week when we move to Level 3. They’ve already implemented online ordering for either contactless home delivery or for click & collect. Suddenly a whole world of jobs and home improvements are open for me to pass the time in the next few weeks.

Last week I cleaned out the garage. It’s looking a lot better and both cars now fit in and we can open the car doors, which is an improvement on the week before. We really need more shelves to get things organised and off the floor. Without them we’ll be back to where we were within a month. Mitre 10 MEGA has lots of good storage and shelving options. I’m torn between a full on storage cupboard option or just buying a couple of metal shelf racks. I’m not much of an online shopper, I prefer to go down there and see both options first hand. I can’t do that of course, so I make the call to go with two sets of metal shelves. Putting them together will keep me out of trouble for at least half a day.

The next job is the veggie patch. The dry summer saw the summer vegetables go a bit longer than usual. They’re done now but the freezer is stocked with enough tomatoes and strawberries to get us through to next summer. Last weekend I cleaned out the garden beds and worked in some fresh soil and fertiliser. Most years, I plant the winter veggies in early April but it hasn’t been possible. Fortunately I see that the garden centre at Mitre 10 MEGA has a selection of beetroot, broccoli, broad beans, cabbage, carrots, onions, radish and spinach seedlings. I order some of each online. I’ll plant them over the next week. Hopefully we’re not too late.

I’m getting the hang of this shopping online and see why the rest of the family does most of their shopping this way. I like the way you can select categories, explore all the product options, get more details on them and then put the things you want to buy in your shopping trolley. I fill my trolley up with lots of essentials like mice traps, cleaning products, nails and screws, cleaning products for the outdoor areas, weed killer, replacement lightbulbs and more.

I get one of my kids to help with completing the order and paying online, though it was much easier than I thought it would be. I can get everything delivered but decide that I’d rather pop down next week and collect.

I know many people are saying that buying everything online is the future and I can see why. In these times when we must stay home, it’s good that I can buy the things I need to keep busy around the house.

Online shopping is easy but I really do miss popping down to the Mitre 10 MEGA, having a coffee from Columbus, and wondering around. Shopping is more than just buying, it’s about exploring, getting inspiration and for connecting with people. I enjoy picking up products, reading them and talking to the experts about how to use them. Though I may still buy a few more things online, as soon as I can I’ll be down at the Albany Lifestyle Centre again.




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