Working from home

27 May 2020

Working from home

What a weird couple of months it has been. Unprecedented times indeed. The truth be told, I’ve enjoyed working from home. It was convenient and I thought I was more productive. Returning back to the office last week felt a little weird, as if it wasn’t normal.  I decided that I’m going to work from home more often but to do that I’m going to need a more permanent home office set up. Thanks to Albany Lifestyle I’ve now got the perfect office in our lounge.

I’ve always done some work from home, in the evenings and at the weekend. Mostly I sit at the kitchen table and in the past, that’s been fine. Working from home over the COVID-19 lockdown took a while to adjust to but soon became very natural. Fortunately, I had the good sense to take my big computer screen home to plug my laptop into and I also took my office chair home. I couldn’t imagine eight hour days sitting on our dining chairs.

We set up a temporary office in the lounge, using an old fold-out table we had in the garage. With the door closed the office became my little haven of productivity, away from the distraction of the kids being home. Last week I packed it all up and returned to the office. While it quickly became normal again, I found myself missing my office sanctuary. I talked to my wife Louise about setting up a permanent home office. At first she was a little reluctant. Our lounge is beautifully decorated and she felt a desk set up would ruin it. I convinced her to at least come with me to Albany Lifestyle and she what the options were.

Looking at the many furniture stores at the Lifestyle Centre we quickly realised that an office doesn’t need to be the traditional ‘corporate office’ set up we’re used to. There are some elegant furniture pieces that look like lounge side-tables. We purchased the very sleek and stylish Turin desk at Danske Møbler and took it home. It sat beautifully in the corner of the room. With the amazing striking purple Mauritius lamp, we’d previously purchased from The Importer, the desk looked like it belonged in the room.

The next challenge was to make the desk functional and that meant a return trip to the Albany Lifestyle Centre. Freedom Furniture had a nice selection of office chairs and it took me a while to find one that was just right. The challenge was finding one that was adjustable and had good lumber support while still being stylish enough to sit permanently in the lounge. I found a couple that I liked the look of. After photographing and sending them to Louise to review we decide on the Loam office chair for its sleek elegant lines. It pushes right into the table so is completely unnoticeable when I’m not using it.

The last thing I needed was a big screen for my laptop. I knew this would be a difficult one to sell into Louise. It’s hard to make a computer screen look like it belongs in a lounge. I found a good sized screen at 100% Albany Extreme Appliances and get home quickly to set it up while Louise was out. I found a selection of nice family photos from our recent holidays and set them up as a screensaver. Louise gets home, notices the big screen and pauses for a moment. She then sees the photos, watches them for a few moment before saying, “I love it. Our family photos were exactly what this room needed.” I sigh with relief.

Working from home is the new norm and a good office set up is essential to making this work for you, for your business and for the whole family. Thanks to the Albany Lifestyle Centre my new office is perfect.

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